Peeking in…

Allo. Hola. Kamusta. Hey. Konnichiwa.

Guess I’m here again.

Allow me to present myself a bit. I go and answer to the name Teina. Of course, this is an avatar name, but being that I’m quite the paranoid one when it comes to having my “identity” discovered, I’ll stick with this for a while, thank you very much.

I’m into science fiction and fantasy, and make no qualms of me being a geek, though not as informed as the more die-hard ones. I delve mostly into fiction, though recently I’ve tried my hand at poetry again after several years of trauma (que horror!). I’ve sometimes wished that the ancient aliens would return in their feathered serpent spaceship to bring most of us into Rapture, but then again, it might be that they’re tired of us already.

I’m an unabashed Potter head and an even more unabashed gushy girl for Severus Snape, mainly because I love Alan Rickman. I’m also into horror movies, or mostly just weird, macabre, out-of-the-way films that most people don’t even realize exist.

As you’ve noticed in my blog title, my favourite colours are green, black and silver (not necessarily in that order) just because I’m Slytherin and a closet Goth. I mostly listen to heavy metal/rock, Jpop, Celtic and chillout music (necessarily in that order). I’m only just learning to wear dresses and skirts for the last handful of years. What do you know, I’m woman after all.

Right now, I’m on the way to getting my master’s degree in creative writing in one of the major universities in the metro, but my ever-lovable thesis proposal is still eluding me. I try to distract myself with little tidbits of word gorging and reading.

Now, that we’ve all set that aside, welcome all to my world. It may be weird, it may be boring, it may be utterly confusing, but this is a part of me.

You’ve been warned.

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