A Plan of Seduction

“That’s cheating!” I cried. My voice was shrill with indignation as I glared at the man who was sitting in front of me.

“It’s called strategy,” he answered with a faint smile on his lips. He made a move to take the remaining chips, but he paused and looked up when I slammed my hand on top of his. Even his sardonic look irked me; my slap on his hand didn’t even faze him!

“Oh no,” I said. “That wasn’t part of the rules.”

“Well then,” he began. He slowly slid his hand away from mine and stood up. It was like watching a puma stretch to its full length – all power and sensuality.

“Here’s the new deal,” he continued, “if you win this time, the money’s yours. But if -I- win…” His lips curled into a smile as a chill just went down my spine. I growled low with a deep frown. The next words that came out of his mouth froze me.

“…you’ll be mine.”

[This just percolated around my head for a while last week, and then I had to let it out as it was distracting me. I’ve always wondered how I could do as a romance author. It has a huge market for it, so it might be a feasible thing for me to do. This is just a play of words, though. Part 2 coming soon. :P]

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