The Bet

“Here’s the new deal,” he continued, “if you win this time, the money’s yours. But if I win…” His lips curled into a smile as a chill just went down my spine. I growled low with a deep frown. The next words that came out of his mouth froze me.

“…you’ll be mine.”

I almost bit my lower lip again, but I still tasted blood. Turned out, I bit the inside of my cheek. The arrogant prick! Never mind that he had it bulging awhile ago, and never mind that I managed a glance, but…

“Fine,” I grated. I don’t need his arrogance, but I needed his money. The sooner I got it, the sooner I can get back to my life.

I stood my ground as he stepped closer to me. He had some poker chips in his hand and he was shaking them. The noise tinkled as though they were made of crystal. And from the looks of his opulent house, I’d say they would be. “I heard you were in the track and field team in your high school,” he drawled. His eyes never left mine. His look was casual, but there was a burning in them. Mine just burned; they burned in anger. How the hell did this guy know about me? I never said anything about my past life.

He gave a chuckle when I said nothing; he’d knew he wasn’t wrong anyway. Have I already mentioned that he was an arrogant prick? “Very well then,” he said, “here are the rules. Use your strengths against mine.” He smiled like a lion waiting to pounce on his prey as soon as it was in his sights. “I’ll chase you around this castle. Run around and get back here. You can run anywhere in the grounds, but don’t let me catch you.”

“What is this? Cat and mouse?” I blurted out. Running in an oval track is one thing, but to run around the rocky grounds of this damned castle? There was even a fog outside! He gave a low chuckle, and another chill wrapped around me. “My dear, it has been like that ever since I saw you,” he said. Suddenly, he was right up in front of me.

Only then did I step back. How the frack did he do that? He was just beside the table awhile ago! I froze as he leaned in against the side of my head, my breath clogging in my throat. “You have the entire day,” he crooned. I could smell the vanilla-infused tobacco smoke in his breath. “Go, my lovely doe. Run.” I glared at him again, but he met my anger with a smile. Then, I turned.

And ran like hell was at my heels. By the looks of it, there WAS a demon chasing after me.


[And there. Here’s the continuation from the last post. Just to let you guys know that I wrote these because of an irritated feeling. I figured I’d twist my irritation into something…productive. Why was I irritated, you ask? Well, the clue somewhere in this flash fic piece. This is still not yet done, though. I want to see whether the woman manages to get away from the guy or not. Stay tuned. :D]

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