An Afternoon Dream

In the dream, we were in a strange old house. It was one of those houses that looked like it came from a poor family in those telenovelas, the walls made of thin plywood and such, but actually they were stronger than they first seemed. You were sleeping on a low table with a blue runner when someone roughly woke you up (you WERE sleeping in a strange place, after all). So, I offered to take you to a better place to sleep in and led you to an unused room in a higher floor. It was dusty, covered with cobwebs and the pillow I held while leading you in had some dirt on it, but I guess it was serviceable enough for you didn’t complain. I went to the window to avoid looking at you and asked, “Would you like to sleep somewhere else?” I could see the street below with a car in my sights, and the curtain slowly swayed from a soft breeze that came in. You came up behind me and whispered in my ear, “No, this is just fine.”

You tilted my chin closer and we kissed, our tongues dancing with each other like a snake mating ritual. I sighed in bliss as your arms wrapped around my waist. We slowly slid to the floor.

Then, your tongue started to delve deeper in my mouth. Too deep. I gasped in alarm. Can a tongue be THAT LONG?! I yanked my head back to see a green-skinned, insect-headed alien head staring at me. You were on the floor, gasping and covered in thick slime. The thing had actually possessed your body and was now trying to get into mine!

Without thinking, I grabbed the thing by its eyes and pulled it towards the floor. A knife was at my back, and I yanked it out to stab the thing’s head repeatedly. Only then that I noticed another one. Upon seeing its companion dead, it turned and ran off, jumping off the window and scampering away like the forefront-half of a horse. I tried to follow, but I could not just leave you on the floor. You were severely weakened, but thankfully not dead. I went back to you and tried to lift you up and dragged you near the window for some air. Your chest was heaving with laboured breaths while I stood up to scan for the second alien, but it was long gone.

Then, I woke up.


[I had this dream while having an afternoon siesta, a remarkable feat considering it was warm again. When I woke up, I was immediately curious about it. It was different from my “typical” dreams wherein I am either chasing something/someone, fighting against something/someone or escaping from something/someone. This dream made me stop chasing after my quarry and go back to the other person and help. At least it still had a bit of action. I wonder what this dream would mean.]

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