She looked at him with a gentle smile on her lips. The sun was settling down for the night, and its rays warmed one half of her face while the other half remained in shadow. That would be the last time he’d see that expression. It was the gentlest, loveliest sight he ever saw.

“When you find that someone who will make your heart open again, that’s when I disappear.” His expression changed from anticipation to dread as he stared at her. “What… What are you talking about?” he demanded.

Her smile widened. “It’s equivalent exchange. You will always lose something in order to gain something. An alchemist like me will always follow that rule. You’ve found someone to love, Daron. Someone who isn’t me.” 

She took a step back. “NO!” he shouted.

“I’m sorry, Daron,” Anya said, “but I must be the one to break your word. You’ve already lost me the moment you said you’ve fallen in love. When I was just right here, waiting.

“Goodbye, Daron. I’ve always loved you. Be happy.”

With one final step backwards, she fell from the cliff.

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