Speculations Reprise

This piece is inspired by another friend’s wordpress.com post. It was utterly strange to find a pair of shoes on the sidewalk, seemingly forgotten despite it’s apparent sturdiness and lack of wear and tear. But then again, I like the strange and weird. This is a flash fiction based from that one picture. I hope you enjoy. 🙂


He wasn’t running fast enough.

He rushed past people along Alabang-Zapote Road, past the jeeps stalled with the forever traffic from the Toyota area until Molito mini-mall, past the motors and bikes ka-zooming in and out of the jeeps, trying to get ahead.

They’re still after you!” Jenny’s voice buzzed in his ear. He slammed the earphone further into the ear canal to keep it from falling off.

“No shit,” he panted. They’d been chasing after him for at least 15 minutes now, and while he could still hold out, he wasn’t sure how much longer. He had already thrown several spells at them in an attempt to distract them, to no avail. He could feel the chill that emanated from the Beasts, creatures that forever hunted his kind. He could feel the deathly cold even when they were a kilometre away. And still they were coming after him.

“How can they find me?” he demanded. He heard clacking noises in the background –  Jenny’s fingers flying over three keyboards, with two extra at her feet where her toes were just as frantic in typing. “Wait up! Calculating!

“Calculate faster!” he screamed. He had now turned into Investment Drive, where the traffic was lighter. He got stares from the traffic enforcer who sat at the corner of the street, resting from the heat under the tree. He didn’t care; humans would never be able to understand as they wouldn’t see nor hear the Beasts anyway. He could already hear his breathing getting heavier. This was bad.

Got it!” Jenny said. “Get rid of the shoes!

“What!” He was about to turn left into Trade Avenue.

Just get the shoes off! Trust me!

He swore with a gasp. “And these were just bought last month!” he muttered as he wriggled off from them. With that, he ran off once more.

Go to Page One! NOW!

He turned into Acacia and skidded to a stop in front of the building. Wheezes clambered out of his lungs as he willed his breath to calm down. He glanced up and saw the Beasts just reaching where he stopped and removed his shoes. Their huge maws nearly touched the ground as they sniffed the shoes, but then he could hear their growls of frustration before running off again.

The Beasts turned right into Acacia and he readied himself. He didn’t want to fight them here with civilians still around, but he’ll have to if need be. The Beasts passed him with nary a glance. He stared at the retreating figures before they disappeared left into Commerce.

Wow. It actually worked.” Jenny’s voice was wistful, almost amazed. His eyes went wide as the moon.



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