The Nobodies

We are The Nobodies.

And yeah, it’s a lame band name, but we like it. It gives an exact picture of who and what we are – nobodies. We’re just average people trying to make a living through music. We’re a progressive metal band, by the way. We’re perhaps the only one in the Philippines, not counting the local rock gods like Wolfgang and Razorback. It’s been a hard climb, and we’re still climbing, but we’re thankful that at least we have a toehold in the industry. Our manager, Pats Lativa, is such a dear to be able to deal with us on a regular basis. 

Oh, I have to change something from above. We’re not really just “average people,” so sorry about that. Despite our love for loud, hard music, we do something else. Something much more important to us.

You see, we’re demon hunters. The catch? We’re the children of demons, too.

I will not acknowledge you

I will not acknowledge you 
Let the world crash back into darkness 
Let the sun burn our eyes into blindness 
Let the moon break into pieces 

I will not regard you 
Let the seas overflow 
Let the herds stampede 
Let the mindless wail in fear 

I will not concede to you 
Let the shadows embrace me 
Let the coldness entomb me 
Let my eyes freeze over 

If only to not let one tear escape 
I am my sarcophagus