The Dream

“Anona! Anona!”


Anisa woke up with a gasp, trembling and sweating heavily. It was that dream again, and she had to take a couple of gulps to calm herself down. It felt as though she ran miles, her heart threatened to burst out of her chest.

There was a soft scraping sound outside her tent, and Akeema’s head popped in. “Anisa?” he asked. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she gruffly replied. She ran a hand through her hair, and found it damp with sweat. “How is the time?”

“Around three hours more before sunrise,” was the response. Anisa began to move from her sleeping pad. “Good. I’ll get ready then.”

“I’ll have Shun get you breakfast,” Akeema said. Anisa gave a nod, but did not care if he saw it or not. As she climbed out of her tent, she slowly stood up, completely naked. Akeema was behind her as she walked towards the pool she discovered nearby. It was a lucky streak that they managed to find it; it was a welcome addition to her daily ritual. Whenever she could squeeze in the daily ritual. 

In the pool, she began her wash. She took care to softly rub against the new scars she managed to get on her back; they were still slightly tender, after all. Akeema had left her clothes nearby and went off to find Shun. 

When she finished, she rose out of the water. Twilight was just coming in, and the faint light that managed to peek out gave tinsel sparkle on her body as water trickled over her skin. She quietly dressed: first, her linen underclothes, followed by her gambesons. As the sun began to peek over the horizon, Anisa had already placed half of her armour.

“Anisa?” Akeema said beside her as he returned. “Food’s ready.”

“Thank you,” she said. As she went back to the camp, the rest of her men were beginning to get out of their own tents as well.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Good morning, General,” were the various replies she received from them.