An Introspection into Ink

This is non-writing related, but it has a connection with my blog’s name.

The term “neck plugged” is a tribute for my favourite anime: Ghost in the Shell. The philosophical implications of what being human is, the technology that has potential to be reached by our current innovations in the next few decades, and the sheer kick-ass action of Major Makoto Kusanagi are what drew me to this series. My current thesis project is also a direct inspiration from this.

I am thinking of a further tribute for my love of GiTS. For years now, I have been pondering on getting a tattoo. I’ve always wanted to get one, but I know that I should not be getting one just for the sheer heck of it. Having something permanent in your skin is not an easy thing to consider. I’m not sure my pain threshold includes having a needle slightly stabbing into your skin in rapid frequency, as well as the concerns on just really how long I can stave off not donating blood in case of emergencies are some of my other hesitations.

But now, I’m seriously thinking of getting one: the neck plugs in GiTS. These are the two designs I’m considering:

I like the shading in this design, giving it a 3D effect. Thing is, this is definitely more complicated and would take a longer time to finish.

This is a simpler design, but I find it TOO simple. These are the two best neck data ports I can find in the net.

What if I choose something that is a crossover between the two? Is it even possible? I need some thoughts out there, please! I’m thinking of doing this as a birthday gift to myself. 🙂